The KOZY KENNEL staff are experts when it come to your pet's care and comfort. Years of experience have given us an insight into a dogs needs.

We provide clean, spacious indoor/outdoor secure kennels.  The entire indoor area is fully air conditioned.

A large, 60 ft. x 120 ft. grassy play/exercise area enclosed by a 6 foot high privacy fence will be available to all people-friendly pets six times daily (under close supervision at all times by the KOZY KENNEL staff).

Cartoon Dog on treadmill

Cool in summer, warm and cozy snuggled in a blanket in the winter.  They are also fed on their own personal feeding schedule.BlinkingDog
All people friendly pets have personal human contact on a continuing basis.

Plenty!  Each pet is able to run and play as well as potty on grass.

Each pet enjoys their stay in a clean, sanitized kennel. Each kennel is cleaned daily. Although a complimentary bath is standard for extended stays, most pets do not need them due the sanitary conditions of their kennel.